Ransom Oaks Ranch e-Novellas

Ransomed Hope
Ransom Oaks Ranch, book 1
from Pelican Book Group
Seventeen years ago, Ashley Turner lost her father as well as Manuel Vega, the man she loved. Since then, she's been trying to make the best of a bad situation. Now a widow, burdened with the alcoholic brother who bankrupted the family ranch, and days from foreclosure, she's beyond hoping for her situation to improve. Ashley knows God allows adversity for a reason, but she can't begin to comprehend the purpose in her troubles. 

When Manuel makes good on his promise to return after having been harshly turned out so many years ago, Ashley dares to hope that all is not lost. His intention is not to rescue her, however, but rather to pursue revenge for past wrongs. He soon discovers that his hardened heart is no match for her renewed hope.

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Ransomed Trust
Ransom Oaks Ranch, book 2
from Pelican Book Group

Lucy Kramer needs to get away for a few days.

As if the stress of her mother’s decline into dementia isn’t enough, now a neighbor seems to be stalking her. The Ransom Oaks Ranch offers room to breathe and think, and Brandon Tennent’s quiet, sensitive nature draws her in almost immediately.  But Brandon’s past mirrors all too closely that of Lucy’s alcoholic father, and while his feelings for Lucy are strong, he knows she could never trust him completely. No one can.

When her stalker’s attentions take a sinister turn, can Brandon prove to Lucy and to himself that he’s not as unworthy as he believes?

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